Impresii ale studenţilor britanici care un vizitat Piatra Neamţ în iunie 2008

Dava77-piatra-neamt-bistritaWell, it’s been lovely to return to your lovely town once again, it’s a fantastic experience, one which has been fun, challenging and rewarding. – Hannah RIG

Seen from the cable car, Piatra Neamţ is a real jewel made of emerald and the landscape one can watch is similar to the famous towns from Austria or South Germany…it is peaceful and picturesque. I love it!! – Sabrina Francis REID

Our visit in Piatra Neamt was spendid … As usual we met wonderful and friendly people like Doina Cecilia who has always been a nice host, and the pupils are very receptive and funny . Thank you for your reception and care. We’ll never forget our coming s here. – Danielle SANDERSON

The scenery is beautiful. We feel a part of the community when we are here. It is nice to be somewhere, where there are many friendly faces and people are always sailing and having fun… – Jenna HICKMAN